Birth of Angasii

Before and After 2001 …

In October 2001 Sunwood Ranch was bought and a process of replacing cattle farming with eco friendly game farming was begun. Subsequently the neighbouring farm, Begin Boer, was acquired from Oom Piet le Roux and the amalgamation with Sunwood Ranch commenced. The total surface area then represented more than 1 500 hectares of natural bushveld. The joined farms were renamed Angasii Game Lodge. (Angasii is the scientific name, Tragelaphus angasii , for the Nyala species of antelope.)

Years later, it was discovered that Sunwood Ranch and Begin Boer had originally been one farm, Begin Boer being farmed by the first generation, Issabella Margaretha Basson (1865-1929) and Nicolaas Francois Johannes Basson (1868-1946), and Sunwood Ranch being farmed by the second and third generation, Anna Snyman (Previously Basson, 1885-1954) and Jocobus Snyman (1880-1954). These original land owners finally sold Sunwood Ranch in approx 1987. A huge effort is now being invested into the restoration of the original dam that was once a reliable water source for game in the area.

Sunwood Ranch was later bought by the notorious land reformer, Faan Meintjies. He together with friends Fred Coleman, Manager Marco Coleman’s Grandfather, and John Nichols, were pioneers in discovering the Sabie Sand region in 1962. The Company, Nichols & Coleman, being the original constructors of the Stilfontein Mining Complexes. Whenever possible they trekked to their Sabi farm, Shaws, enduring a 2 day journey from Klerksdorp, living in a humble park home. During this time Fred became the chairman of the Sabi Sand region, dying whilst still in office in 1973. This park home now rests in peace here at Angasii, as a symbol of an era long past, a memory of interesting days of hard and difficult living.

2004 ...

After the untimely death of Manager, Lourens du Toit on 14th January 2004, a new manger was sought to continue the process that had become a dream. Marco and Kate Coleman fitted the bill and agreed to restart the project, unaware of the links that were later to be discovered.

In February 2004, the consolidation process of the two farms resumed, implementing a new marketing approach based on detailed market research. The whole lodge was upgraded to luxury status, incorporating local, national and international business and tourism markets. Angasii has been awarded a Superior rating by AA Travel and have achieved a 4 Star grading from the S.A. Tourism Grading Council, retaining both these ratings to this date.

As Angasii is a working farm, game management plays as important a role as the management of the lodge itself, making Marco and Kate a good working combination. Marco concentrates on farming while Kate focuses on hospitality. Marco, having grown up with game farming, believes that hunting plays an integral part in the management, maintenance and rehabilitation of farms. To ensure the best breeding stock, new antelope bloodlines were and continue to be introduced. These include Eland, Kudu, Gemsbuck and Impala. In time, new species will be introduced to enrich your game viewing experience.

And here you are now sitting, our most valued guest, reading our piece of history looking forward to our ever evolving future.

...and the Present?

We still believe that one’s job is never done, as Angasii continues to unfold, attempting to give each guest an intimate experience of the bushveld.

After 2008’s success of being announced the winner in the AA Awards program (as voted by Guests) within our category (we were 2009 finalist, 2010 highly commended and 2011 finalist again), we have tried to focus our attention on comfort. This resulted in us embarking on our new project aimed at maximising facilities within each Chalet. By so doing we have added and upgraded bathrooms, increased bedroom sizes and optimised on outdoor living. This opportunity has been given to us due to the steady support we have experienced during our last 5 years of existence. It is something for which we are extremely grateful and will never take for granted.
As times change, so we meld with it, and now with new energy as Lesego, our trusted and valued Supervisor of 11 years takes on more responsibility to further herself, growing into management.

Angasii Game Lodge remains a true gem in this rich area - not only rich in minerals, but also in game, the best of what nature has to offer and true Bushveld hospitality.