Understanding The Farm

Angasii is a working farm and thus game management plays as important a role as the management of the lodge itself. The farm gives the opportunity to see an extensive variety of plains game whilst on an adventure as well as a fantastic array of colourful birds are waiting to be spotted, tick them off as you go on our Animal and Bird List. Feel the fresh air as you view game from an open viewing vehicle or walking through the veld. Be sure to take your camera and binoculars for those photographic opportunities. To keep this viable the conservation of Angasii’s eco-system is vital.

Farm and Veld Management is a process that involves different aspects and needs continual monitoring. Regular game analysis ensures the best conditions conducive to good breeding, establishing numbers, sex and specie ratios as well as growth, along with overhead veld study. This examination is done to establish our breeding stock and surplus numbers as well as assessing the velds nutrition and upcoming feed requirements. It is important to understand the holding capacities in relation to the type of veld being farmed to ensure the health of the animals being bred. To ensure the best breeding stock, new antelope bloodlines and species have and will be introduced to enrich your game viewing experience.

Hunting plays an integral part in the management, maintenance and rehabilitation of Game Farming as numbers have to be controlled. Farms such as Angasii do not have the bulk predators of years past that are needed to maintain the balances required for successful game farming. The best way to achieve this is by hunting, as this allows specifically targeted animals and sexes to be removed, to ensure this balance is maintained. Thus an allocated quota of animals is set aside each year for selected hunting purposes. This is done under strict supervision within hunting zones only to ensure complete safety. Along with this, a game capture is done on a two yearly basis to remove surplus animals.

2011 marked the beginning of a specialised breeding project, seeing the return of Nyala ( Tragelaphus Angasii ) and the addition of Golden Wildebeest. We are very excited, seeing a new direction in Angasii’s future.

In these processes, we strive to maintain a healthy farm, increasing your viewing pleasure and the welfare of the animals.