Weather and Topography

We are situated on 1575ha of Thornveld near Thabazimbi, in the North Western part of South Africa, Limpopo Province.
We are a relatively flat lying area with Thabazimbi in the distance, directly translated to the mountain of Iron, which forms part of the Waterburg Mountians.

Our soil structure is made up mostly of red clay and turf, with numerous magnetite bands occurring through Angasii clearly visible on the surface of dirt roads.

The flora is mostly made of various thorn trees and bushes, including the most commonly known Buffalo Thorn, White Stinkwoods, Akasia, Wild Fig, and Karee.
Thus it is always advisable to wear appropriate shoes and take care with children’s bare feet.

We experience a hot summer between January and March, and temperate autumn from March to May.
Winter (June to August) is mostly warm during the day and cool at night, resulting in a Windy September.
September can be our driest time of the year, as we await our summer rain, usually starting in November.

Suncreen is always advisable irrespective of the month as the sun always shines on Angasii!
Bring a hat too for some serious game viewing.

We have the added benefit of being classified a malaria free area.
However, we do recommend bringing any extra defence lotions or sprays you may prefer as mosquito’s can still be a pest.