Help In The Bushveld

Office Amenities:

For those who need to keep in touch Wifi is freely available in our main relaxation areas and round the pool, request the security code from Reception, it is offered at no charge for your convenience. Unfortunately we have limited 3G connection. Our Reception is open for Faxing, E-mailing and Internet use, stay connected for up to the minute information, simply liaise with our Reception Staff.

Baby Sitting:

This is offered either in the lodge where you are staying or at the main lapa with pool, jungle gym and restaurant.


You are welcome to send us your dirty washing, simply place in the laundry bag supplied and fill out the attached form. If handed in before 8am we can offer a same day return, alternately housekeeping will collect from your room and return the following day.

Car Wash:

This is available from 7 - 9am each morning; please advise reception of your requirements the day before.

Extra Housekeeping:

If you need extra help, please do not hesitate to request a afternoon housekeeper.

Conferencing Equipment includes:

Flip charts and white boards with markers, DVD & TV, projector screen and projector and Wifi, along with general office facilities.